Las Vegas

I wasn’t sure if I would chime in on this topic….even as I write this post, I’m still not sure if what I have to say on the horrendous incident that happened just a few short days ago, is anything more than a rant. I think this is part of having a blog though, so if you feel you can stand to read on, then thank you for listening to my thoughts on the matter. It makes you feel just a little less lonely when your thoughts are heard, and not just screamed into the void.

Moving on…

Let me start by saying I am not well educated on the matter, as in knowing all the details pertaining to the evolving investigation I am sure is underway to determine the cause of such devastation, loss, and heartache, or the events leading up to it. I will also start by saying that this post is not to talk about the politicizing that is now taking place, from what I can see, on both sides of the government, at least not much. Gun laws, control, or anything other than the nurturing of the people who have been effected, lost, and injured by this senseless violence, should be the furthest thing on your mind.  What should be is: the people lost, and injured by this terrible event, are human beings. Like you, me, your friends and your loved ones. A deranged man or multiple men, hell bent on seeking and destroying life, has just shown us all what true evil is, and we continue to point fingers at each other and demonize anyone and everyone who we do not agree with. This is wrong. It seems has though people have lost their humanity.

What sense can be found in arguing about the things we continue to disagree on? Why do we not focus on the things we do agree on, like that the senseless killing of innocent PEOPLE is one of the cruelest and unforgivable things we have ever heard or seen? Instead, we are pushing for stricter gun control, or we continue to say those who wish to have more gun control are whiny liberals who only think feelings matter. None of that should matter right now. We should be grieving; as a country we should be devastated that something like this can easily take place in our own backyard. Sure, the laws, and protest, and arguing will come, but can we not take a moment to be humbled?

Life is precious, and this guy or multiple men, deranged, clinically insane or depressed,or  what ever you want to call him or them, just proved just how easily it can be ripped from us. Unity, love, and peace should be all we want as a country, yet we are constantly labeling, and belittling each other. We drive wedges between ourselves out of pride, prejudices, ignorance, and narrow-mindedness. Try to sympathize and empathize with those with whom you do not agree. America, has been and always should be a melting pot; I grew up believing that, and still believe that. America was started and built by foreigners who wanted nothing more than to pursue their own version of justice, liberty, and happiness. All of which are rights, given to us by the country herself.

Pardon my rant.

The world is a dangerous place, even without senseless killings. Please promote love and unity, not hate and division. My heart is heavy with all the sadness I have ever felt doubled over. Innocent men and women, murdered, for what seems at this point to have been for nothing. Take a moment to think of what it would be like to have lost someone in these horrible circumstances, and think about what you be feeling, thinking, and what would you want to be hearing? People arguing that because your loved one is now gone, in the most unimaginable way possible, that we should have access to less weapons? Or that now, because you can no longer call on your best friend who just tragically lost their life, guns are not the problem, people are the problem? That is the world today, and I would love to fix it with one wish. But I can’t. I can simply grieve for those who lost their lives, loved ones, and friends to a tragic event that will go down as the deadliest massacre in modern history to date.

Again I say this, please stop the hate, and start the love. Empathize and sympathize with everyone. We are ONE human race. We all live and die the same. Its easy to take your thoughts and opinions and post on Facebook, and start arguments and rants about your point of view, and why you are right, and others are wrong. Instead I encourage you to take those thoughts and reengineer them and your passion for those topics into something that solves a problem, rather than adding fuel to another.

I’ve seen lots of posts regarding a similar thought process, that I agree with totally.

“…”Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.”

-Fred Rogers

Pray for Las Vegas, and the rest of the world. That we will all one day find peace by helping each other not only in times of need, but always.

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