The Last Couple of Months

Long time back from a mini hiatus….

Its been 2 months and I just haven’t made the time for my blog, I feel ashamed. One of the many reasons I started this blog was to have something to do, that could not only distract from the humdrum and boring day to day life I lead, but to also serve as an outlet for my writing. But alas, 2 months have gone by and not a word, so here I am, getting back on the horse.

The last two months have been a bit of a whirlwind. Lots of traveling, changes, and family events, hell even a holiday, with another just around the corner. I have recently visited New York for the first time, visited some family and friends in Florida, and was even a best man in my best friend’s wedding! I have seen and been through several changes at work, and feel like I have watched the last couple of months fly by with limited input…almost on autopilot.

Fortunately this time of the year is I feel when I normally begin to reflect on the passing year, and start to think of the things I could or rather should have done better or change. Things like seeing my family more, spending more time outside, being more active physically, writing, (obviously) and just a multitude of other things, that for one reason or another just haven’t been made a priority. The last few months have only made all of these things even more painfully obvious, and I have every intention to change all of these things. So I start here with writing.

While I have enjoyed the last couple of months, the changes that have been made, and the things I have been able to do, there is still this feeling in my stomach that just leaves me filling unfulfilled or disappointed in myself. I unfortunately have also picked up some not so great habits, that I also intend to kick to the curb. The point I believe for this post is to remind, not just myself, but anyone else who may be feeling a little down on themselves that there is still time. There is time to make the changes you wish to see, not only in yourself, but in the world. I try to take this into consideration, especially on days when Im not feeling quite my best.

I am sure many feel the way I do, there a plenty of things, you should or could be doing better with your time. Maybe you should be spending more time with your family, maybe your friends or loved ones. Maybe you should be following your heart, pursuing your passion, or maybe you should be eating more kale or whatever it is people claim is healthy for you these days. Again, I say, there is time. The challenge comes with finding the will power to make the changes you would like to see.  As I mentioned above, for me, its more writing, more exercise, and more doing what makes me happy. Sure there will be sacrifices; giving up that soda with dinner, not grabbing a six pack of beer friday night, going for a run instead of bing watching the latest Netflix series (although I have officially put off Stranger Things season 2 for far too long!)

But in all seriousness, it is high time to audit some of the behaviors and activities that I would like to change, and I recommend it to anyone who feels the same. There is time, and now is as good a time as any to make the changes to your day to day life to be who you want to be and do what you want to do. Take your time, and take baby steps, flipping the script on multiple things may not work all at once, and personally I find it more beneficial to let my changes roll into one another, but knowing yourself and how you handle various change will determine your pace. Take some time, reflect and take action my friends. Gear up for the holidays, and make wonderful memories!


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